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Preston/Hornbuckle Fine Art in Pojoaque, NM,was born on October 19, 1983 with our move here from Texas. Recently married, we embarked on our personal art adventure, creating various permutations along the way (we were both landscape painters then), becoming what you see now! My paintings and sculpture and work from his estate can be seen at www.contemporaryabstractpainter.com.
Our home/studio/gallery lies off Hwy.502 to Los Alamos, and I do welcome visitors. I have been a serious painter always, and now am a figurative sculptor as well, having explored a good number of ways of expression over the years, with varying degrees of success. William was a well-known watercolor painter on the East Coast, became an oil painter (16 years or so) and pursued the masterful art of Chinese Ink and brush painting, sumi-e. 
His work is still available through me, with available work displayed via a tab on my website. For now if you would love to have a piece of your own, call me at 505-455-3496.  As the numbers dwindle, the paintings will go up in price. The life we made together was interesting, challenging, and very often amazing. With no plans or possibilities of retirement! I am calling this chapter, LIFE AFTER LIFE, and adding that to our blog title.  I am sure Bill will remain a large part of my life, even though he has moved on to the Field of Souls.

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