Tuesday, March 7, 2017


blue abstract painting by Santa Fe artist, Marianne Hornbuckle
Last of the Blues   30x40" Ac/Canvas

Sometimes in this life I have felt connected to things larger than myself.  When I committed to an action, the universe aligned and inexplicable events conspired to support that inward commitment to moving forward. This seems to be one of those times.

In early winter, beginning to consider myself “done” and on the “downside" of my life as an artist, I felt much despair -old, washed up, passed over. The last year had been a difficult one for many artists, and I was no exception. What was the point of making yet more work?

Return of the Light 16x16"
abstract acrylic painting by Santa Fe artist, Marianne Hornbuckle
Hope Springs  16x16
I am in decent health and need to continue my inconvenient financial life choice (no pension here!). Knowing it to be untenable to sit with all that negativity, I have to choose to move forward. So I have temporarily abandoned my efforts to market my deceased husband’s wonderful sumi-e and returned to my own personal efforts.  With a good ten or more (realistically) years left, I can choose to see myself as an inspiring courageous female warrior, marching forward. It may be the last chapter, but the story isn’t finished yet!

Chi   16x16
This year’s work I am calling “Offerings to the Gods”. As I created each painting(10 so far, since after Christmas), the title would come to me during or after the work, reflecting this expression of my last journey as an artist.  Each piece painted over an earlier work of 8-10 years ago, the new work reflects my shift, and the  mystery and power of the “source”.  I have remembered my purpose here on the planet in this life in this place at this time - to express the beautiful mystery of it all, so perhaps others may pause, and seeing my offering, experience their own mystery, and gain hope. 

Surrender.  24x24" Ac/board

The God in me salutes the God in you.

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