Sunday, March 27, 2016

Is nine months later Considered Checking IN?

Smoke on Water

Now three months into this new year/life, having finished most of my "first I must" list, I'm back in touch and plan to stay that way. With new paintings finished and photographed, a new clay sculpture off to the mold-maker, and my website updated, this "I want to do it all" artist has moved quickly into "show" season. 
Breakout   18x30 ac/canvas
As some of you know, when I start an abstract painting, I like to have an "idea" in mind. My "seasons" theme has been recurrent for 12 years. I'm moving on to a looser approach this year, and titling my work before I begin. A title suggests colors, movement, shapes, even texture, and nebulous as this can be, gives me "content" for a work. The emotion-of-life process comes into the result and continually surprises me; I can see I’m actually entering the "blue" period of this artlife journey.

Let the Light In
On the Rise                    

The first anniversary of William's transformation lies at the end of April. Before last year's end, I made three paintings in honor of him before returning to my own work. Prints of William's Koi paintings -9 total -were made available on RedBubble in February. I had spent a month in the fall preparing images and uploading them to make his work available on demand as prints in various forms - the pure sumi as t-shirts, tote-bags, etc. Some wonderful sumi paintings - landscapes, cactus, canyons and now koi ponds - may be purchased as beautifully done prints. Some things don't change, and everything does!
Summer Pond II
Stay tuned to see what impact a "real" vacation has on this journey - I have a trip to Puerta Vallarta planned for mid-April,and am planning to scuba-dive in Mexico if at all possible! (Well, at least snorkle...)


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