Thursday, June 25, 2015


So here I am just on the cusp of a new chapter for the Hornbuckle half of Preston/Hornbuckle Fine Art.  As I said in a recent newsletter to collectors and friends:

"After two years of tight schedules, omitted tasks, and narrowed focus, preparing the garden for Bill's ashes and the house and food for his celebration at an unhurried pace was truly therapeutic, and I'm now ready to move forward. I miss him very much, but as I was thinking last night, never ever in my life as an artist, have I had all the time in a day to devote to my own art and life.  No shifting gears, no multitasking, no divided attention, no compartmentalizing, no distractions - now it remains to gather up my scattered self and see where that takes me!"

First thing I'm trying to do is review an on-line course, Content Marketing-Selling On-Line, that I signed up for before Bill went into hospice care.  I figure that is the logical path for a 72 year-old abstract artist who is also a Cancer (little yen for the road) to take - after 20 years with galleries here and there, I headed that way early-on (2003), and reports from art bloggers I trust are that on-line art sales are up 41% since 2014 as people are more "wired" and trusting. My other key elements are in place (FB, Pinterest, NL, websites, etc.) - they need tweaking to be more effective. I can highly recommend this meaty course from Corey Huff,  If he offers it again, it is worth the price!

A multi-figure family portrait © MHornbuckle 2013
On of my "streams of income" is watercolor portraiture and my next art project is to create a portrait of a 4 member family (from Florida) and their Bassett hound. Gilbert found my watercolor portrait website on-line, and I think, liking my style and close representation, contacted me for the project. He has sent very good material to work with, I have done the preparatory work and am ready to begin. (just awaiting  another photograph of the dog). Since watercolor was my initial medium professionally, I love the opportunity to spend some time there.

glowing bronze acrylic underlays the painting and gleams in both the hidden and unhidden areas
Summer 3 30x24 Acrylic on Canvas © MHornbuckle2015

Returning to the SFSA shows behind the 1st National Bank in Santa Fe this weekend, I'll enjoy seeing the response to this year's "body of abstract work" started last November, completed in mid-April. Twelve paintings, three per season, fully incorporate gleaming metallic paint (my painting goal for this series) to express my pleasure at the way the cycles evolve in a year here. Their images can be found on my website - the photos, though accurate color-wise, don't quite capture their shifting glow, so as always, you need to see them - they may be returned with full purchase price refunded if needed.

This all seems enough to launch into for now - gathering up my scattered self isn't easy since the possibilities are only limited by the launch choices some years ago! But first to the dump with the truck full of big cottonwood limbs that came down on the well-house roof in the wind on Monday while I was at my sculpture group! Guess this would be called a distraction...


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