Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Field of Souls - chosen from Bill's studio ©2014
After almost thirty-three years, and many adventures as artists in the Southwest, one of the two artists, William Preston, moved peacefully to the Field of Souls (as I call it) on April 26, 2015. This blog now becomes Two Artists Together:Life after Life. 

I remain to carry on what was surprising, challenging, and joyful, truly "an art life", dedicated to making art, and adapting to the changes as they came - the art world, the outer world, the cultural expectations, the "marketing" expectations, and so on.  Much else has changed in my thirty-five years as an artist - less so had in Bill's.  He continued as a traditional artist, seeking and supplying galleries and those relationships, and I, ever curious, jumped into the new one, developing new computer skills, new approaches, seeking and  using as much of the new information as seemed to apply - scatter-shot and sprinkled with many mistakes.

This blog then, is about that, as best I can make it. It has been almost a year since I posted.

Sitting at a table with friends over dinner on Memorial Day, (all younger than I, without exception), I sat silently and listened as they regaled each other with their stories, of Haight-Asbury, of Woodstock, of the war protests and flower-children of the 70's, of the Hashish Trail, of their relationship to the Grateful Dead, of crashing on couches from one end of this country to the other as young people.  They are without exception living alternative life-styles now, pretty common here in Santa Fe, alternative to that of most baby-boomers, as have I, a "war baby". 

Later I thought about why I found nothing to contribute to this entertaining mash. All simply timing, it turns out.  The cultural expectations for "educated" women (pre-1964) were radically altered in the next 5 years, and then of course continued.  Expectations were radically altered for everyone who rejected conventional paths. Think about it! I'm not a cultural historian, merely a visual artist, whose own life diverged from early expectation in the mid-seventies. I am standing at the opening of the next chapter, LIFE AFTER LIFE, musing and curious about what happens next.  My current work is all about my mysteries and passions, and curiosity.  Maybe this is a dinosaur speaking?  I figure I've got another 10 years to make the most of things - feet, don't fail me now!
Winter I - Acrylic on Board - Marianne Hornbuckle 2015

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