Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Movement!

Just can't keep newslettters and blogs in their separate places - what was said where and when, and did I actually publish it.   Anyway, I last blogged about a new series, or painting goal for the year, that came to me in January, that is, one large painting (36x48") for each month of the year, expressing that month. I have arrived at "A Year of Months, one at a time", as a descriptor.  Here are February and March - April is just beginning to spill from my mind onto the 2007 painting that is in service as its base - those color choices should be very different!

March:Movement 48x36"
February:Passion 48x36"

  Meanwhile, the updating of my website is complete, think I have caught everything, It's cleaner and works well. Check out my paintings and oh yes, the works on paper that filled studio time after each painting was almost finished and I needed time to think if it was really almost finished! The website is what I call "bloggy", but then as you have seen, I'm a wordy person.....(really!!!??)
Getting it uploaded to GoDaddy was frustrating and time-consuming, not the usual for them - had I mentioned (or they noticed) that it is not an .html site, but a .php site, would have taken a day, not 10.
Migrated to MailChimp (free) for Newsletters, almost as time-consuming. Working on learning and self-producing little videos with my IPad - evidence to be submitted soon, I swear! Sculpture sessions continue, and as soon as I clean that studio up, it'll be back to that as well, probably a (new)yoga pose.
Spring is here, yay!!!, and it's on to April, and the next things.

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