Tuesday, January 29, 2013


As the year 2013 looms ahead and the best-held resolutions of the New Year fall behind, I have to wonder, what's the hurry?  Moving gently into the year holds promise for the arrival of organic ideas and slowly building energy. Daily lengthening of the light hints of the potential of the year ahead.

Early in the  month, seeking a cohesive and  expansive theme for the paintings to come this year, I reflected on recurrent subjects (by titles) in my abstract work, and finally after several days, the seed popped open - 12 paintings of significant size (36x48"), one for each month, to reflect my experience of that month.  This will be a challenge during the active show season, but the goal itself is a commitment, and will provide inspiration for prioritizing and focus in my studio time.
Jan.2013-transition - 48x30" abstract acrylic painting
January|Transition  - 2013
And here it is, "January - Transition"  and true to its title, slightly less in one dimension than my promised 36 x 48"!

I think of you as well, in this subliminal process of discovering ideas to be expressed. Many of you I've met and enjoyed in person, and I remember the pieces you've admired, your appreciation of the work, and the comments you have made, the pieces you have taken home, and why!  Hearing your stories and exchanging ideas have enriched my life and now feeds my energy to ready myself for the coming show season in downtown Santa Fe by creating the best work I can do. Thank you for the big part you play in all of this!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

And On to the Fifth World...

Mayan Dream 2 (The Fifth World) - 26x44" Acrylic on Canvas

As early as 2000 and Y2K, I wondered what December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan long count Calendar and the 4th world, would bring. Though much happened in between, both good and bad, the date came and went with only one party (for me), an interesting documentary or two, and little general fanfare. Here in Santa Fe in our house, with the quiet, and time for musing, the mind wanderings found their way into two paintings, Mayan Dream 1, and 2.When thinking about painting, I like to have an idea I am trying to express visually- as said before, I enjoy the cycles of seasons and the changes they bring here and their expressions often appear in my work- the end of the Mayan calendar presented itself as an opportunity for the "content " of the last 2 paintings of 2012.
Mayan Dream 1( End of the 4th World) - 30x44" Acrylic on Canvas
A shaman whose writings I value expresses the new potential, new frequency of the 5th sun on his website, www.powerpath.com. Though I will not be alive at the end of the Katuns he speaks of (in 60 more years), his writings express the potential for a peaceful and positive world we cannot really imagine and broadly, what it might take to get there. I just have to share the link: The Solstice 12/21/12 and Beyond: A Mayan View.

Happy New Year!

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