Saturday, November 24, 2012

Original fine art made with integrity and commitment for over 30 years!

This is a special offer for our collectors and potential collectors  - be sure to take a look! Original fine art made with integrity and commitment for over 30 years!

Sumi-e and watercolor on rice paper by William Preston
Dusk  Sumi ink, watercolor on rice paper
Many times I have expressed my gratitude to you, our collectors and followers, as Thanksgiving, the holidays and the end of the year approached. Your support and interest have sustained us both this past year, through some tricky health stuff, as well as the slow economic recovery. I've been thinking about a mutually beneficial offer I have wanted to make to all of you who have an interest in either the sumi-e, abstract paintings, or sculpture that have flowed consistently from our studios. I believe most of you are aware of the value original works of art represent, and the integrity and commitment we have always brought to our life of art-making. Original art of the best quality brings inexpressible pleasure to the collector in a way that even the finest meal or exotic trip cannot -more than just a wonderful memory, beautiful art is a daily experience, a personal continuity.      
Seated bronze nude on fabricated bronze base by Marianne Hornbuckle
Introspection , bronze with fabricated base

 Our collectors know that purchases of second works for their collection carry a 10% discount on the price of the work. We would like to extend that discount to you, our new collectors, who are receiving this because of expressed interest and support. Also part of the offering is free shipping, which we have included for the past year or so. (Though, with exceptionally large work I need to share the cost of shipping.) If a piece is not to your liking, it may be returned after a two week trial with full refund (excluding shipping), or exchanged for another comparable piece. As we do not offer reproductions or low-cost works, we need to talk with you about specifics and receive payment via direct contact. We do not offer an on-line payment option at this time.
       Some of you may not have checked our websites in a while, so look carefully at the newest work along with earlier pieces. My prices are now listed in separate pages on my site(abstract paintings and sculpture) and prices have been added to William's website as well. This offer stands through the end of January, 2013.
There has never been a better time to acquire the art that called to you when you first encountered our work!

New large abstract painting by Marianne Hornbuckle
Autumn Equinox, 30 x 60" Ac/Canvas

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  1. Best of Luck this comming year Marianne. Love the vibrant colors in this piece you have been working on.


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