Sunday, November 18, 2012

Almost Thanksgiving!

Wrapping up loose ends between the end of the show season and the beginning of my "hunker down and work" season, I myself am at loose ends. Bringing to the end three years as corresponding sect'y for my art show group, SFSA, has taken some of the time, but, a bit of aimless wandering is necessary to rev the creative juices, and formulate a game plan and that happened some. Scraping and repainting an old window allows for thinking about other things as well.
    With the preliminary work (measuring, photographs) done, and  goals of at least two new sculptures (a third pregnant female and a yoga pose), and another wax to be completed of "Celebration" (so I'll have my own copy), my editions will continue to move forward. Our regular weekly sculpture group has resumed in my friend Lucy Lyon's studio, and that may yield some new poses as well.
Continuum I & II
     I've decided to continue the large paintings as well, painting over old paintings, as well as fresh canvases.  Here is the final final completion of Continuum I & II. I changed the left side some more - it bothered me, and now I'm satisfied! (See last post for what I thought was the final painting - you should be able to see the difference in the left panel!)
   The first in line for repainting is a painting from 2008 entitled "Bright". There were two of these in response to a commission from a chiropracter - this is the one not chosen for her office.  I often will do two paintings for a commission as it is an opportunity to work out more than one idea for a specific circumstance, and I always think I can probably sell the 2nd one easily.  Well, with the bust of 2008 and ensuing slow-down in art sales, that was not the case for this piece, and my painting has evolved quite a bit in the years since then.  If you're interested, I've decided to document my process, progress in painting this one, so watch for future posts.
   I've some plans for marketing advancement as well, but that's another post, maybe next time!

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