Friday, August 31, 2012

Winding Down, Revving up

Blue Moon  36x60 Acrylic on Canvas
The end of August is that wonderful pause between seasons here - my special unofficial pause when change becomes palpable .

The Hoards of Hummingbirds that book-ended the monsoons have dissipated, having consumed 40+ pounds of sugar in 6 weeks, and provided much enjoyment at the kitchen sink.

All the little yellow allergens are beginning to bloom - final weedings and mowings loom, and ou 4x8 Grow Box begs to be renewed with compost and reseeded with fall greens

Sparrows bathe in the sprinkler shower on the vinca growing in the dry shade under the huge black locust trees that line the acequia that cuts its now dry chasm through the front yard. I found a small hemp plant growing near the bottom there yesterday, which makes me slyly happy with my neighborhood.

My final shows of the season march on ahead till after first frost, the SFSA Labor Day show behind the bank off the Plaza, our 19th Annual Pojoaque River Art Tour on Sept 15-16, and then for me five consecutive weekends back downtown in my "gallery".  We'll share our beautiful sunny weather as it gradually cools off with lucky visitors come to enjoy the same.

Having finished a large painting and readied 3 waxes for the foundry this month, I won't feel so pressured to produce more. Celebration returns from the foundry, and I hear there were problems with my wax - if necessary, I'll be creating another. My new wax pot (a turkey roaster) intimidates me, and it appears I didn't make the wax hot enough for a good clean wax the first time.I'm really happy with "Blue Moon" pictured above!  And, I will have to wrestle with whether to make applesauce this year, the spring weather having provided that rare choice! Maybe a morning of red chili jelly instead? (Mine is really good!)

Celebrating the blue moon and the inauguration of Fall, I am reminded of why I love my life here. And happy I took time to enjoy and share it!

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