Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Preston/Hornbuckle -A sweet day - June 17

Father's Day, June 17 – A Sweet Day
     Early rising, cleaning up, making waffles for the second (and most positive) male figure in my kid’s lives (25 years ago and now)- a simple honoring on Father's Day.
     A query from a couple in Hermosillo, Mexico, Sonora, from William’s website (or maybe Creative Santa Fe?) about lessons in July when they visit SF. His June student, a German artist from PA, was delightful, and a new friendship evolved!
    The Overwhelm of April finally resolved when help shows up as Rudolfo and his helper return from just down the road to finish yard stuff started last Sunday. At fini, less dinero, and way more help, than I thought.  
     A finished large painting, Summer Solstice 12, now propped on two tables in my house studio above multi clay figures and new clays; ideas for more paintings this concept, shape and size.
     A fifth wax of “Introspection” finished, to go to foundry end of June.
Summer Solstice, 2012 c MHornbuckle
     Some more planning for our family reunion, in four houses, my two siblings, their children and mine, and husbands, and their children, 15 adults and 10 second cousins under 10 at Rancho Jacona, two places east of here, for 3 days, visiting space, separate space, swimming, exotic domestic animals, beautiful grounds, even a yard at one house! in beautiful June in northern New Mexico, next weekend, to celebrate my twin and my 70th birthdays (actually in July, but it’s cheaper at R.J. in June), and all but one could come.
     A positive action to take on a serious health issue, not main-stream but effective, a choice from an artist’s lifetime choices with only major medical coverage at a cost – a habit of alternative alternatives.
     A major watering of everything! From the copious and sweet water of the acequia, with which everything grows bigger and faster – may it last into July, and then the monsoons start.
     A sharing with my neighbor, of gratitude for our mild spring and timely moisture, of pleasure in all the apples on our conjunctive apple trees, and the pears too, which landed on my side when he bought the piece below and the new survey made part of “our” orchard his.
     A sweet dinner with William, sweet and smoky barbecued pork ribs, not cooked by me, to celebrate his being a second father to my children, and a wonderful partner and support to me.
     Happy Summer!

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