Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's Day

William Preston, Koi Pond, sumi/wc on rice paper, or The Koi the raccoon ate.. 

I'm blogging today first to say the JIN was a great success and thanks to all of you read this blog and wished us the best, who came by to say hi and see William's latest work, and to the new visitors who became fans and friends. The Matsuri is one of the year's milestones for William, much anticipated and enjoyed(by me too)!
and now for APRIL...
For me, the main month of yearly OVERWHELM is APRIL. With the outdoor show season almost here, a commission to get underway,  new works on paper to be done to entice visitors into becoming collectors, and always the BIG OUTDOORS in our yard, still awaiting the attention lacking since last fall, one hardly knows where to start.  The obligatory head cold acquired on the S W Airlines flight to Seattle last weekend doesn't stir enthusiasm for tasks involving physical exertion either. As always, we'll somehow get through it, and anything left undone will just add a layer to things left undone and seem less important in a month.  I did get the backyard pond filter cleaned this morning, so the little pond is gurgling now instead of stagnating, and a few piles of locust tree pods raked up - oh why, oh why didn't I cut that tree down twenty-nine years ago, I ask myself yearly.  This year instead of running back inside when I see it all waiting, I'm promising to take some time today, and make a huge list with headers,  ART, and OTHER, and see if I can make a lot of headway on the first column and a little headway each day on the 2nd column.  If it doesn't all happen, so be it -  I'll find the hose swallowed by the over-grown weed grass (it's called cheat grass locally) when I really need it and maybe I don't really need to start a PROPER compost pile THIS spring!

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