Friday, March 9, 2012

About a Commission

Expectation - wax
Off to the foundry she's gone as of February 29, to return as "metal" at the end of March - after chasing and patina, she should be ready for presentation at my first outdoor show with SFSA on April 28!  At any rate, I'm very pleased about the exponential expansion of the sculpture side of my art life. Shortly after she left, two cosmic signs!  First, a query about the price of  Five Poems from a sculpture lover visiting SF last summer (she picked up and kept my card!) and a promise of "acquisition" when she's ready, and second a discussion with another collector from last fall which has led to a commission which may well become the seminal piece of my sculptural expression.
      My sculpture explores real contemporary human bodies, in all their diversity of shapes, sizes, and ages, without objectifying or romanticizing the form, but certainly trying to express the beauty of the ordinary body. The bronzes are expressive and intimate because they are particularized, just as are human beings when we get to know them well. Some subjects, young women come to mind, are easier to come by than others, and I work directly from life, using photos only to finish the pieces, except where the subject(s) are not available on a weekly basis.
      "Expectation" is of a young woman I met last fall at one of the last outdoor art shows. She stopped to look at my work, and seeing that she was pregnant, I asked her to consider posing for me for a 2nd pregnancy work (the first was a commission.) She soon called and came out to my studio. I measured and photographed, proceeded with clay and mold and what is pictured is the result.
     The commission that so excites me is a nude couple, in celebration of their 50th anniversary together - they both are lovely, vital, and beautiful, a welcome challenge, and as I said, possibly the seminal (even though the15th) piece of my body of sculptural work. As  I continue to believe, we are presented with opportunities to expand as we grow toward them. In a few weeks, after I return from the Northwest with the chosen pose, the photographs, and the measurements, I'll begin, and  I invite you to share my process and progress with blog updates I'll be posting.

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