Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Really Good Day in one artist's life

The Four Elements: Earth, Wind, Fire & Water
30x10 ea, MHornbuckle c 2012

    On awakening this morning, I thought immediately what an excellent day it had been yesterday - my kind of day! Finishing the last two paintings of a small series I conceived of as abstract representations of the "Four Elements",that is Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, had been a struggle up to then, especially Air and Water. I had applied heavy molding paste to specific areas of Air and Water, as I had a preconceived idea of what each would look like in the end, and working with those areas resulted in the biggest painting mess I have recently dealt with.  Fighting "fire" with fire, I used more of the paste to modify the areas and continued to paint, with. pretty satisfying results! My process involves intermittent drying time, so while waiting I blew off the portal and a bit of the front yard with the nifty blower/leaf shredder I bought in honor of soon turning 70 and tiring of dragging tarps of leaves to the back.  It was too windy really, so I came inside, and made room to hang the things I had been working on the past few weeks - I work in one half of our large living room, so often can't see groups of paintings together in the same place at the same time (and we're having dinner guests tonight and next Friday - a chance for show and tell.... and cleaning the front portal).  Above are the four.
    With a break for lunch and a dog-walk (cut short by wind and cold and blowing dirt - bad for a mostly blind and really deaf Border Collie), I finished clean-up and put-away of five weeks worth of painting mess, while watching a tape of a new "House". To my great good luck, the phone rang - it was Brian (my much valued sculpture guy) calling to arrange delivery of the mold of "Expectation", timing perfect. I'll be out of the house studio tomorrow and in the sculpture studio "pulling a wax".
   An evening e-mail check found a query about watercolor portrait prices which led to the accessment  that the site badly needed an up-date/clean-up (consistency in presentation is a shortcoming of mine and this was an early Frontpage site, now in Dreamweaver) so the evening of my perfect day was spent taking care of it, the result a satisfyingly fresh look for a few hours of work. All was made possible by Bill's fixing dinner, bless him!!
This is my kind of Very Good Day!

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  1. What a joy for me to hear of your delicious day!


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