Sunday, February 19, 2012

A few good Friends...

What a terrific week we had - and unusual, in that our normal isolation out here north of Santa Fe was totally turned upside down - it was truly a very social week!  I thought it might be fun to introduce you to some of our dinner guests, because they are very interesting themselves.
Daydreamer, Bronze by M Hornbuckle

SS Crocus by Cheryl Anne Lorance
      A week ago tonight, our guest, who's become our friend and is a link to the generation now in their forties, the emerging artists.  She is  an exceptional sculptor, both in glass and bronze. A great model too- I've done three sculptures of  her in my body of  work (to the right).. . You'll love Cheryl's very sensuous and organic forms. The one pictured is one of many new pieces on her website. We enjoyed delicious vegetarian enchiladas (butternut squash and spinach) and salad.
       Tuesday was Valentine's Day, and Bill and I were each others' guests for a home-cooked a  rack of lamb dinner.
       Thursday night brought the opportunity to share tapas at El Meson with a new (as of this fall)collector from Seattle, who came this weekend to Santa Fe for a conference called Creativity and Madness. She's a psychotherapist, and had purchased one of my early pieces, called Introspection. (How perfect and what a wonderful evening it was too)! I am so happy to get to know the special people who enjoy my sculpture.
Garment by Sharon Townshend
Covered Box by Paul Heroux
      Friday evening brought two ceramicists to our house, one an old friend, Sharon, from Maine, whom  we hadn't seen for at least 12 years (as long as we've had our 14-year-old Border Collie), and her friend Paul, whom she came to visit, in Santa Fe for a few months on a sabbatical, .  They both teach at University of Southern Maine and draw regularly from the model as I do. I was really impressed by both their work. His concerns surface decoration; hers,  nature and organic forms. Tacos and jicama, radish, orange and avocado salad were on the menu.
Today a dear and lovely friend from Santa Fe arrived after lunch. She has an incredible library of Oriental painting and Buddhist literature, which she freely shares with us, along with mixed Greek olives, special Trader Joe's bleu cheese, and Water Crackers. She's a published poet and editor savant, but no website, alas.
Tomorrow, President's Day,  will bring a new person, new to Santa Fe, a former attorney and now a calligrapher, from California, wanting to find a community of a kindred spirit, to visit Bill after discovering him nearby on the Internet. (Sorry, too many commas!) Guess we'll share thawed frozen Christmas cookies and tea.
All the conversation on these occasions revolved around art, the art life, faith and persistence - but that's for another post. Friends, and good food, (even your husband of 30 years), what more can one wish for!

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