Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Most Equinal - September's always a turning point!

In a few days the 18th Annual Pojoaque River Art Tour will be upon us!  As its original founders back in 1993, we anticipate this event eagerly every year, and then it's over and gone - another marker passed.
A somewhat difficult summer, with drought and fires followed by a local monsoonal downpour that flooded our acequia (and the carefully graded driveway) with a foot and a half of sand , and a Mercury Retrograde period marked by major computer repair, necessary new fuel pump in the "dump" truck, and the demise and replacement of our 40-year-old Kenmore range, we're not mourning its passing.
All the while,  the art-making goes on, and my show season downtown resumes after our studio tour weekend.
After a summer of works on paper that loosened up my painting considerably, I moved to my usual support, cradled
masonite panels to see if the change was sticking - voila! To the left is a 24x24," Turning".  Infrequently I am moved to do an to the ubiquitous  aspen paintings, and and this is it.  To the right is a 16x16"abstract I have called "Equinox". The seasons here have always had importance for, perhaps a response to the lack of discernible "seasons" on the Texas Gulf coast of my childhood.

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