Monday, January 16, 2012

Blog or Newsletter - always a coin toss,,,,

It's always a confusion, and a challenge, and almost a barricade, choosing between blogging and sending out a
 Newsletter and it seems hard to do both, and paint, and keep up with everything else.
Indian Summer, 16x16,ac/board c MHornbuckle201
My newsletters are not scheduled, as I don't do workshops, or publish books, or feel that I regularly have something significant to say - they evolve out  of something accomplished, a new painting (or a series), a sculpture brought to fruition, something to celebrate that might be of interest to those interested in my work, or in my husband's sumi-e. Likewise my blogs are also not scheduled, though I have promised myself to force a choice this year, and to attend to each more often.
If you'd like to see my newest sculpture, click on newsletter above.  Here are recent paintings, which spawned, or were spawned by (not sure which) each other, their purpose to get me back to painting in these quiet cold days of winter, now that "Expectation" is off to the moldmaker (see NL).. and it'll be some time before I can start her waxes. This is my usual pattern, painting or sculpture having its turn, sometimes with a difficult entry period filled with avoidance and multi-tasking and feeling disoriented and scattered for a few days.  I know if I am patient, this will pass and so the direction and creativity will finally present itself, and take me on the next journey! The little ones will have to wait, as I've just discovered how badly I photographed them and will have to try again tomorrow   ....Marianne

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