Monday, August 1, 2011

Coming around the corner, summer, sports, and Art Shows!

I blinked, and missed July somehow.  When showing every weekend (four in a row), I try to pace myself, and not cram too much in between the weekends - thus, no blog .
Was a good month though, with the sale of a sculpture to a retired physics teacher (who just sent me a wonderful physics book with his 2nd payment!), a painting to an early collector of my abstractions, and several new works on paper to three sisters!  Meanwhile, the NFL strike did get settled, and the Democrats and Republicans came to financial agreement, just in the nick of time. Plantings have struggled with the heat and little water, the fires in the mountains east and west of here have subsided and been contained, their smoke is no longer choking the valley. Summer has reached its apex, and the rufous hummingbirds have appeared, signalling the beginning of at least some monsoon season. Another inevitable birthday has come and gone. Life does go on, especially while you are not looking!
Reverie - bronze sculpture
On the second weekend, I showed my new sculpture, "Reverie" for the first time. My pieces now number 12, and my wax work has certainly improved over the four years I've been casting. Reverie is up on my website, where you can view her in the round. She's truly beautiful!
Ariadne - tinwork and watercolor - 1995
She reminds me of a tinwork shrine I made in the 90's called Ariadne. Her lover, Theseus, sailed away while she slept, even though he owed her his life. (She had provided the thread to guide him out of the labyrinth after he slew the Minotaur.)
Changing Times       Ac/board   12 x 36"
         The last painting I completed before July was influenced by a Golden medium I had begun using with the works on bristol paper, light molding paste. Long ago I tried it and did not like it at all, but as my work has grown more textural (not just visual, but tactile texture), I find myself loving it.  I call this painting, "Changing Times" - very appropriate I think!
I'll blog about Bill next time...
Welcome to August!

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