Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Mavericks won the NBA Championship!!

Celestial Horizons - 303x30 Ac/board
What does it mean for t seasoned artists  who tend to watch the playoffs of most sports,when the unexpected, unpredicted, happens? even as far afield as basketball?  It's an affirmation that anything can happen!!!  Though the winner this year (only temporary of course. but,,,) is only that til the next season, the veterans, the team players, the contributors, who have persevered, practiced, held it together through adversity, uptick and downturn, hold for all of us the promise, the hope, the belief that it will ultimately work out. Making your best effort, year after year, practicing, growing, accepting the challenges, persevering in your visions, ignoring the hype, the marketing, the next great thing, does mean something, To all of those of us who fall into that category, hurray for us! and the Dallas Mavericks!!d

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