Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Expansion & Inclusion- Hornbuckle's Latest Work

SFSunSeries10-10x10 - AC by M.Hornbuckle
SFSun Series10 - 10x10
The promise of spring is always exciting - fresh new ground to till, seeds and starts to plant, and always, new things to try - new varieties, new garden plan, new energy.  But not just in the garden! The focus during this time in the studio has been on pushing forward in my work with new colors, new mediums, and new approaches. Some pieces are ideas that have been simply pushed further; others, pieces where earlier means have been abandoned and new ones incorporated.  The results to the left are finished paintings,  full of  the potential and promise of beautiful future paintings.  What is so great about abstract painting is the way new possibilities emerge from the act itself - one could not think one's way there or visualize it either.
SFSunseries9-10x10-Ac by MHornbuckle
SFSunSeries 9 - 10 x 10
I am now painting a series of works on paper(10x10's) with the same exciting color and  fresh but bold application-nos.5 & 6 are taped on their boards. As I write this, I think of the summer-time daily occurrences of my fortunate life here in New Mexico - the flashing blues of the lazuli bunting and the blue grosbeak under the feeder, the sound of the acequia making its run past my window into the orchard, and the smell of locust blossoms in the early morning. I expect all and more to show up in the new works. Til next time!
Marianne Hornbuckle
June 2011 

Celestial Horizons I  - 30x30"

If you are interested in purchasing a work of art, request a print-out via e-mail so you can see the actual colors - monitor color varies.

As always, please call me if you are visiting Santa Fe, and would like to come out to our home/studio north of S.F. for a visit !

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