Monday, August 1, 2011

Coming around the corner, summer, sports, and Art Shows!

I blinked, and missed July somehow.  When showing every weekend (four in a row), I try to pace myself, and not cram too much in between the weekends - thus, no blog .
Was a good month though, with the sale of a sculpture to a retired physics teacher (who just sent me a wonderful physics book with his 2nd payment!), a painting to an early collector of my abstractions, and several new works on paper to three sisters!  Meanwhile, the NFL strike did get settled, and the Democrats and Republicans came to financial agreement, just in the nick of time. Plantings have struggled with the heat and little water, the fires in the mountains east and west of here have subsided and been contained, their smoke is no longer choking the valley. Summer has reached its apex, and the rufous hummingbirds have appeared, signalling the beginning of at least some monsoon season. Another inevitable birthday has come and gone. Life does go on, especially while you are not looking!
Reverie - bronze sculpture
On the second weekend, I showed my new sculpture, "Reverie" for the first time. My pieces now number 12, and my wax work has certainly improved over the four years I've been casting. Reverie is up on my website, where you can view her in the round. She's truly beautiful!
Ariadne - tinwork and watercolor - 1995
She reminds me of a tinwork shrine I made in the 90's called Ariadne. Her lover, Theseus, sailed away while she slept, even though he owed her his life. (She had provided the thread to guide him out of the labyrinth after he slew the Minotaur.)
Changing Times       Ac/board   12 x 36"
         The last painting I completed before July was influenced by a Golden medium I had begun using with the works on bristol paper, light molding paste. Long ago I tried it and did not like it at all, but as my work has grown more textural (not just visual, but tactile texture), I find myself loving it.  I call this painting, "Changing Times" - very appropriate I think!
I'll blog about Bill next time...
Welcome to August!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

What does Baseball have to do with it?

Celestial Flight 6 - 10x10
AC/Bristol Paper (19x19)

Celestial Flight 4 - 10x10
AC/BristolPaper (19x19)
Just what? It seems that baseball will be the last sport standing this year! With the strikes dooming the football and basketball seasons, it appears that baseball will finally recover the fans it lost when it had its own strike some years ago.  It so happens that the baseball season coincides with our SFSA "art" season here in Santa Fe and as a veteran player on this field, I see some parallels. The winter training season has always been a really productive time for me, and excitement about the games to come continues almost unabated. The season starts slowly, is a little boring and allows time for making adjustments, trying new pitches,and building energy for the high season starting in July.  That's when the fans really come out - the ones who love art and want to take it home to enjoy all year - not just as souvenirs, but outstanding hits!  I've prepared a number of new "approaches" this year, some of which you've already seen, and now, another, works on paper.Two of them are here; all  are up on my website. These are like the base hits: maybe they're not home-runs, but they may get  me around the bases all the same. . I'm not a bettor, but I'm betting that by the play-offs in the fall, some big hits will have happened - check out Paintings-2011.  Also not absolutely sure if a works-on-paper series called "Celestial Flight" has a place in my baseball metaphor, but take a look and see if you think it might!?
Til next time, Marianne

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Mavericks won the NBA Championship!!

Celestial Horizons - 303x30 Ac/board
What does it mean for t seasoned artists  who tend to watch the playoffs of most sports,when the unexpected, unpredicted, happens? even as far afield as basketball?  It's an affirmation that anything can happen!!!  Though the winner this year (only temporary of course. but,,,) is only that til the next season, the veterans, the team players, the contributors, who have persevered, practiced, held it together through adversity, uptick and downturn, hold for all of us the promise, the hope, the belief that it will ultimately work out. Making your best effort, year after year, practicing, growing, accepting the challenges, persevering in your visions, ignoring the hype, the marketing, the next great thing, does mean something, To all of those of us who fall into that category, hurray for us! and the Dallas Mavericks!!d

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Expansion & Inclusion- Hornbuckle's Latest Work

SFSunSeries10-10x10 - AC by M.Hornbuckle
SFSun Series10 - 10x10
The promise of spring is always exciting - fresh new ground to till, seeds and starts to plant, and always, new things to try - new varieties, new garden plan, new energy.  But not just in the garden! The focus during this time in the studio has been on pushing forward in my work with new colors, new mediums, and new approaches. Some pieces are ideas that have been simply pushed further; others, pieces where earlier means have been abandoned and new ones incorporated.  The results to the left are finished paintings,  full of  the potential and promise of beautiful future paintings.  What is so great about abstract painting is the way new possibilities emerge from the act itself - one could not think one's way there or visualize it either.
SFSunseries9-10x10-Ac by MHornbuckle
SFSunSeries 9 - 10 x 10
I am now painting a series of works on paper(10x10's) with the same exciting color and  fresh but bold application-nos.5 & 6 are taped on their boards. As I write this, I think of the summer-time daily occurrences of my fortunate life here in New Mexico - the flashing blues of the lazuli bunting and the blue grosbeak under the feeder, the sound of the acequia making its run past my window into the orchard, and the smell of locust blossoms in the early morning. I expect all and more to show up in the new works. Til next time!
Marianne Hornbuckle
June 2011 

Celestial Horizons I  - 30x30"

If you are interested in purchasing a work of art, request a print-out via e-mail so you can see the actual colors - monitor color varies.

As always, please call me if you are visiting Santa Fe, and would like to come out to our home/studio north of S.F. for a visit !

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