Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Knock at the Gate -Great teaching and Sumi Classes

 Yesterday, I put together a sumi e-mail encouraging interested students to schedule a three-hour class this fall or winter. In doing so, I began to think about what makes Bill's classes so exceptional.

Having talked to them about their interests, skill level, etc, before each class Bill prepares extensively for the students by  reviewing methods, preparing copies of lessons, thinking about their specific needs. The classes is very hands-on, as he observes the student, making sure each concept is fully understood and oversees practice of the strokes until the student has the experience to build a sumi-e vocabulary.
  Sharing resources, his own work, and material from his wonderful library gives the student marvelous insight into the vast possibilities beyond the traditional sumi-e.
 Many of his students have said the three hours was "transforming"  and they will never "look at (...sumi-e) things the same way again."  I say - this is what makes a truly great teacher!

See more work and class descriptions (guidelines only- you can ask to learn specific things) at
You can e-mail Bill at

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