Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall is Falling

Here it is October already!  The 17th annual Pojoaque River Art Tour was a grand success for us, given the blessings of Ganesh, and we met many wonderful people, enjoyed some cash flow, generated some opportunities, and generally had a really good time!  That's what showing up all the time is about, I think.  
  I re-sandbagged the studio door just now. After three flooding rains in August and September, the drive area which in a heavy storm receives much of the water from the road and hills just southeast of us is higher than the studio floor.The succeeding storms  deposited muddy water and debri into the studio, each time going back further on the slab.The last flood covered 2/3's of the 800 sq. ft with water and silt, so you might understand my concern.  In this storm, the heaviest cells seem to be passing west and east of us, as verified by the accuweather radar picture. (Computers have some great uses, and for me, this is one of them!) We'll have to have work done to improve the situation, but of course that won't happen until after these kind of seasonal storms are behind us.
Primary Variations I
Primary Variations II
Primary Variations III
   I'm pleased with three new small (10x10) paintings done in September. Titled Primary Variations I, II,  III, they feel to me like the movement from summer to winter that autumn represents here.  I love that we have actual seasonal changes (I grew up on the Gulf Coast, if you didn't know ).    Bill is working on reconciling his monocular vision with his studio set-up, having discovered recently that he needs to be over his paper and brush, rather than in front of it. It's full chamisa season now - a major hurdle for New Mexico allergy sufferers (Bill among them)- ending only with the first frost, which seems to be somewhat delayed this year (average date is early October).
  My friend Shawna Moore has some wonderful new encaustics at Rachael Darnell Fine Art through October. I think she's one of the best encaustic artists around, and you can see her work at shawnamooreart.com
  The SFSA show season is winding down - the poor economy has impacted me negatively, not so for the many photographers showing with me. I'll be glad to hibernate and just work this winter!  Looking forward also to a short trip to Tucson later in October and am contemplating doing portrait busts of my grand kids as they each reach 8 years old. Only one has at this time - and I think 8 is great! (so are the other ages...)  
Right now Bill is looking forward to my absence, so he can enjoy using the computer (a new and recently acquired skill) and seeing what is going on the the world of sumi-e.


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  2. Your link to Shawna Moore's website is wrong. The correct address is: http://www.shawnamoore.com/


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