Monday, August 23, 2010

Two Artists Regroup in a Down Economy

Though I did put out a NL in late July (actually thought I had done a post then) just before the Loveland Sculpture show on August 7 & 8, that has now come and gone, with no sales, but results still pending.  Bill and I are rethinking what we might do to generate income given that his sumi dojos, my usual summer venues, and the sculpture show too, have not yielded the customary results.  

Until things (the economy especially) change, we'll not only be watching expenses, but investigating previously unexplored avenues for getting work out and making sales.  Bill's shop is finally up on Etsy (just sumi-landscapes for now), with cactus, and bugs to follow.  He is now offering 3 hour dojos, easier on the student's pocketbook, and on his own energy and eyesight. 

I'm starting to scout alternative possibilities for a solid body of sculptures, now that I have clarity about the work.  I wrote the following just before the sculpture show in Colorado:
" I make sculpture to express the special beauty of imperfect and unique individuals. in a culture where the ideal body is so idolized that many starve themselves, work out obsessively, and undergo surgery to achieve society's concept of perfection, the simple beauty of ordinary beings goes uncelebrated.  I work to celebrate the diversity of that beauty. "
In case you haven't seen the last pieces finished before August, here they are. View them in the round on my website. Meanwhile, please forgive the consistent misspelling of Rubens!
Ruben's Muse
We both have older work from other periods in our lives as artists - maybe a foray into e-Bay? There are many possibilities - we've spent intermittent evenings brainstorming ideas. In any case, we'll let you know what's happening and tell you of offerings of interest!

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