Sunday, July 4, 2010

June Review

Well, Texas was just plain fun! Between fishing with my brother, eating seafood and game, and seeing high school classmates-  it was actually grand.  I used my new Flip video camera extensively, recording for a dear friend who couldn't be there, and then for the first time had to find video editing software for my PC, and learn to use it!  After one or two ineffectual attempts, my first 3 minute movie is up for private viewing on YOUtube - pretty rough and only those involved would enjoy it, but look for future videos that may BE of interest - especially if you like sumi-e.  I want to also say the program I found was pretty good, not too hard to learn, and not too expensive - check out AVS4YOU software - it's fairly new I think, and you can try it for free (30 days?) and then buy it if you like it. Next thing you know I'll be inserting video in these blogs! Meanwhile, Bill fended for himself and kept the garden alive during what seems to have been the hottest days of the summer here in New Mexico - hardly fair, I'd say! Now it's back to the SFSA shows in downtown SF - will be there through July and then go off to the Loveland Sculpture Invitational, for the "biggest sculpture show" in the country - am working on the peripheral materials, postcards, business cards, etc. While on this topic, have you checked out for this kind of stuff? They do great work and have the best prices on the web.. 

The Wine Festival at EstrelladelNorte was fun, and pretty successful for the first time out of the gate - I enjoyed showing, with Bill,  all that we do here at home - paintings, sculpture, sumi, t-shirts, and we met some  interesting people, especially the couple, she, a writer, he a graphic designer, who run Burning Books, primarily a collaborative art books venture.

Bill had a lovely sumi-e student (an art teacher) from North Carolina last week who came to him through our Santa Fe Creative Tourism connection, I think.  Janet took the last "full day" class he will give - he is shifting to shorter half day classes (3 hours), having decided the intensives are intense enough without the length, and his eye will welcome the shorter time span.  She was an "eco-tourist" foodie and also took a tamale-making class while here (her husband played the Black Mesa golf course while she was at our house - he said it was really tough!).
Everything was in bloom for most of the month, peonies, poppies, roses, daylilies, clematis, daisies, larkspur, overlapping one another, and now the best hollyhocks ever.  In review, I'd say it was a beautiful June, balanced, restful, relaxed..... and things that didn't get done, well, can't remember exactly what they were....

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  1. It's cool to hear this from you..I guess you have fun! love the last paragraph ;)


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