Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tying up the Loose Ends

Whenever I'm about to travel, I become frenzied about finishing up at least some projects, so I won't have to face them immediately upon returning - things like going to the dump (yes, here in Pojoaque we deal with our own garbage-creation, storage, and disposal), preparing the newly planted tomatoes and seeded annuals to survive five or so days of benign neglect, and getting the last of the weeds pulled, or mowed/hoed. And that's just in our maintenance department.
The marketing department has to address some tasks delayed until my grasp of their mechanics is steady enough to address them - i.e. the newly added e-mail subscription suggestion on this blog. As a webmaster/blogger who barely understands the in and outs of all this, but is willing to try, one of my favorite sources of how-to (for-try-to-do-everything artists) in this department is - with easily accessible articles about many areas of virtual marketing and great links that are just what you need to know when you need it. The last thing in this area is to create a Facebook event and send it out for the P/H/Fine Art Fan Page. While at it, marketing COULD reorganize the sculpture pages and create a DRAWING page on her website.
           The art department has to clean up after a sketchy, somewhat haphazard week-long monotype session, put the waxes somewhere where they won't melt as a June morning heats up the studio, finish and photograph some of the  drawings that will accompany the sculptures in her display at the Loveland Sculpture Invitational and finally, leave her studio table in the house clean so the other artist can do some matting and framing for the EstrelladelNorte Wine and Music Festival coming up 4 days after her return.
Two more days, and the social department  is off to Texas for a 50th!!! class reunion, fishing with and visiting her twin brother, and a respite from maintenance, marketing, and art-making. She knows she should stay another day, and do some ART business in Houston or something, but six days is one day too long to be gone from her interesting life here!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where Have We Been Anyway?

Could  a month have passed since I last looked at this?  Time to blog again and lots to cover but will try for succinct! With two chilly art shows behind me, and tomatoes planted and row covered, off  Bill and I went to Arizona, Canyon de Chelly, and then Phoenix, via the Salt River Canyon, for respite and inspiration (with a three day car trip and 1300 miles, not for relaxation). I'll show, not tell.   

The following sumi Bill painted on returning:                      

A search for blooming cactus almost failed, till we landed at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum near Globe, AZ, east of Phoenix (thank you Google!) which is at the northernmost edge of the Sonoran Desert - finally  we had come far enough south, and low enough, to find cactus in bloom!
Canyon Flight - 19x18" Sumi-e
  and the resulting sumi/Chinese watercolor-
After dinner that evening with an old friend in Phoenix, we whipped back home on the third day in time to celebrate in succession Mother's Day, our 28th anniversary, and 3 days later, Bill's 80th birthday, a very sweet and small affair, which required as much preparation as any huge party - perhaps failure to clean regularly?  It finally had warmed up and what we call grass here (foxtails and cheat grass) had grown a foot everywhere, including flower beds, and needed aggressive action. 
I dressed waxes for delivery to the foundry guys, down from Colorado -

and several waxes of a colt for a fellow painter who has taken up sculpting. They'll be back in June with the "metal",the first of the editions of Reuben's Muse, and Passing Time and hopefully my guy Brian will have his shop up and running for chasing and patinaing so these are ready for the Loveland Sculpture Invitational in August.
Meanwhile, we'll be getting ready for the 1st EstrelladelNorte Wine and Music Festival in Nambe on June 12-13.  Bill and I will share a booth, show something of everything that we do, including his newest T-shirt, dubbed the "Bee T" , and are looking forward to a great time! After travel to Texas early June for a class reunion and some great salt-water fishing, the wine festival, and some more weeding and watering, I'll return to the SFSA shows in downtown Santa Fe in late June.  The grass is out of most of the flower beds, and meanwhile I've got a (maybe) great run of monotypes going! Guess there's good reason I haven't blogged in a bit.....

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