Sunday, April 18, 2010


Always, each spring, I think it will be different, and somehow, no matter what I've done to manage, rearrange, pre-organize (is that a word?) it's really just the same.  Torn between all there is to do, I jump haphazardly from the middle of one thing to the end of the next, or the beginning of something else, abandoning, adapting, reviving and renovating in turn in no particular order -planting, painting, weeding, sculpting, cleaning, showing - my own private annual anarchy. 
After a false start monoprinting (it usually takes 3 focused days to even begin to get somewhere)a second mold arrived, a particularly challenging 5-part one, and cleaning up the ink, I cranked up the wax pot again.  Next weekend brings the first outdoor art show of the season here in SF and I'll be there with new sculpture, and a good number of new paintings and some waxes to work on for the next foundry run.  
The last painting completed is called Cere's Dream, and is about the return of Spring after(for me) a long, focused, productive winter. If you've forgotten(or never knew) your mythology, Ceres(Demeter) was the Goddess of the Harvest  - Her daughter Persephone disappeared, and for six months Ceres wandered the earth mourning, while all the trees and plants withered and died. Learning she had been taken to the Underworld, Ceres begged the gods to rescue and return her to earth. Unfortunately Persephone had eaten a few pomegranate seeds while there, so in compromise she was allowed to return only for half the year - thus we have Spring and Summer.
I love Spring, and I'm always torn...

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  1. I sure can relate to your "torn" comments. Sounds like me. I'm headed to SF next wk to do some work with Helmut Hillenkamp and would love 2 take you up on your previous offer for Mom and myself to come by and see the ole stompin grounds. I'll actually be there for a month. Would love 2 see your work in real life.


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