Monday, April 12, 2010

Running in Place

Much is being accomplished, but with so much to do, it feels like running in place! These three paintings are 16x16, Empyreal Zephyr I, II & III, my annual tribute to Spring!  and an additional two words increasing my vocabulary...  There's a fourth larger painting, 24 x 24, but I'll save that for another time.  Spring always brings new energy, and the activity to match. After finishing the fourth larger painting,  the mold was ready a week ago today for a new sculpture I'm titling Reuben's Muse and a wax had to be made in time for the monthly pickup for casting (Madd Casting, Berthoud CO) comes to SF mid-month to deliver "metal" and pick-up waxes (this past Saturday).  While waiting for delivery of a second mold, what to do?  Clean up the yard some more, plant some pansies,  compose and send a first Newsletter for Bill and his collectors, start on a new group of monotypes - yes, all of the above! Aries'energy is both strong, and abundant - thanks, Aries!

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