Sunday, April 18, 2010


Always, each spring, I think it will be different, and somehow, no matter what I've done to manage, rearrange, pre-organize (is that a word?) it's really just the same.  Torn between all there is to do, I jump haphazardly from the middle of one thing to the end of the next, or the beginning of something else, abandoning, adapting, reviving and renovating in turn in no particular order -planting, painting, weeding, sculpting, cleaning, showing - my own private annual anarchy. 
After a false start monoprinting (it usually takes 3 focused days to even begin to get somewhere)a second mold arrived, a particularly challenging 5-part one, and cleaning up the ink, I cranked up the wax pot again.  Next weekend brings the first outdoor art show of the season here in SF and I'll be there with new sculpture, and a good number of new paintings and some waxes to work on for the next foundry run.  
The last painting completed is called Cere's Dream, and is about the return of Spring after(for me) a long, focused, productive winter. If you've forgotten(or never knew) your mythology, Ceres(Demeter) was the Goddess of the Harvest  - Her daughter Persephone disappeared, and for six months Ceres wandered the earth mourning, while all the trees and plants withered and died. Learning she had been taken to the Underworld, Ceres begged the gods to rescue and return her to earth. Unfortunately Persephone had eaten a few pomegranate seeds while there, so in compromise she was allowed to return only for half the year - thus we have Spring and Summer.
I love Spring, and I'm always torn...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Running in Place

Much is being accomplished, but with so much to do, it feels like running in place! These three paintings are 16x16, Empyreal Zephyr I, II & III, my annual tribute to Spring!  and an additional two words increasing my vocabulary...  There's a fourth larger painting, 24 x 24, but I'll save that for another time.  Spring always brings new energy, and the activity to match. After finishing the fourth larger painting,  the mold was ready a week ago today for a new sculpture I'm titling Reuben's Muse and a wax had to be made in time for the monthly pickup for casting (Madd Casting, Berthoud CO) comes to SF mid-month to deliver "metal" and pick-up waxes (this past Saturday).  While waiting for delivery of a second mold, what to do?  Clean up the yard some more, plant some pansies,  compose and send a first Newsletter for Bill and his collectors, start on a new group of monotypes - yes, all of the above! Aries'energy is both strong, and abundant - thanks, Aries!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Around in Circles

 Now that I've given up and will find some other way to blend blog and website, I'll backtrack and catch up a little.Here are the two other sculptures that should have been posted in February.
With the first piece of each of these now ready to show, it was time to move on. Two more clays were finished and went to the mold maker. Now(early April), the molds are almost finished and soon it will be wax time again. If they are to be ready for the 19th Annual Loveland Sculpture Invitational in early August, they'll have to go to the foundry in mid May.  Wish me luck on that one! The gaps in the process were spent painting, with 6 smaller works,  and one larger piece, just finished yesterday. I'll post them all in the next blog.
Amidst all this, my husband/sumi painter William Preston, had a very successful showing at the Santa Fe JIN's fourth Matsuri (Spring Festival) which I assisted,(and it was absolutely great fun), and I determined to expand this blog to include his doings (since they are part of my process as well). His new work is presented on his website,  and he has a wonderful new t-shirt, which we call the "Bee-T",  or "Circle of Bees" available in S,M,L and XL.
I've created a Preston/Hornbuckle Fine Art Fan Page on FB , if you'd like to follow us. You can do that by finding our badge on the page,  and clicking on the Become a Fan link at the bottom of it.  I often post photos of newest work there before any where else. The image for the Fan Page Badge looks like this.
 Somewhere in all this we signed up to show together at a local wine festival in June in Nambe (the next little community to the east). More information here ( go to Events)- it's a beautiful spot and should be gorgeous in mid-June! Enough for now!                                                         

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