Monday, February 8, 2010

When is a painting Finished?

After a week or so of looking at one of the Pond paintings, I began to see that something was missing - the painting was too much in a middle value range. One of the problems with working with orange-red/blue-green complimentary colors is that of all the complimentary pairs, this combination is closer in "value" than the other pairs (yellow-purple, orange-blue, etc.) and though beautiful mostly cool neutrals were created and juxtaposed against their accents, the painting still was in the mid-value range. What was missing was some real darks(and/or lights) to set off the neutrals. To the right is the end result of further painting - if you look back at the last blog, the before is shown. What do you think? Isn't it better?
As I last said, next up is (finally a better title than "six months pregnant standing nude") - "Lady in Waiting" or "In Waiting" or "Mother-to-be" - what would you choose? When the sky clears and light returns, I'll photograph her and post it,,, "Day-Dreaming" and "Reading" -my working titles -are in the rough chasing stage at my guy's shop and should be out soon too..

1 comment:

  1. definitely better this way Marianne! Isn't it funny when you finally see what's needed - I always then think "why didn't I see that a month ago?" It all takes time and distance. Keep up the great work.


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