Monday, February 8, 2010

Figurative Sculpture to the ForeFront!

Juggling two concurrent threads in my art life is challenging and fulfilling. Though current thought says "multitasking" is inefficient, I probably won't stop anytime soon. There are gaps in the process of creating a bronze - after a clay is finished, time when the mold is made and delivered, again after the wax is cast and goes to the foundry, and again after the "metal" is delivered, time for chasing, patina and mounting. Since the "gaps" can be as long as a month, they are a perfect time for me to move forward with painting.

I delivered the bronze above to her new home last week. It was a commission, and I will be able to make an edition as well. Their baby is now three months old, and her mom sat for the piece at six months pregnant. (From the initial posing to the final bronze takes about 6 months). I'm not bragging, but the parents were really blown away and thrilled about the outcome, and I completely jazzed by their response. Though they had asked to see two new paintings, and kept one, they just called and have decided not to buy just yet- oh well there is always another day! The painting pictured is the last painting of that size (I've used all the panels!) of the Pond Series - perhaps a square "Pool" series is next!

When is a painting Finished?

After a week or so of looking at one of the Pond paintings, I began to see that something was missing - the painting was too much in a middle value range. One of the problems with working with orange-red/blue-green complimentary colors is that of all the complimentary pairs, this combination is closer in "value" than the other pairs (yellow-purple, orange-blue, etc.) and though beautiful mostly cool neutrals were created and juxtaposed against their accents, the painting still was in the mid-value range. What was missing was some real darks(and/or lights) to set off the neutrals. To the right is the end result of further painting - if you look back at the last blog, the before is shown. What do you think? Isn't it better?
As I last said, next up is (finally a better title than "six months pregnant standing nude") - "Lady in Waiting" or "In Waiting" or "Mother-to-be" - what would you choose? When the sky clears and light returns, I'll photograph her and post it,,, "Day-Dreaming" and "Reading" -my working titles -are in the rough chasing stage at my guy's shop and should be out soon too..

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