Sunday, January 3, 2010

art Chickens come home to roost

A wonderful and amazing thing happened today! An old and rarely remembered art-debt was acknowledged and is being paid! Probably 20 years ago, I agreed to a reduced price, and sold a fair number of early watercolors from my AWS days, done ten years earlier, to a dealer from a town nearby, receiving payments for some years, then none for a good while, and finally, as it would come up mentally yearly (or when economically stressed), forgetting about it mostly, the w.c.'s being in the past, and my having moved on (in my own art work and life). Said dealer died recently, sadly, and his partner contacted me today via e-mail (a time to have gratitude for the expansion and complication the internet brings into our lives) to ask about and settle the debt - how honorable and wonderful of her, and for me - an affirmation of faith in the integrity of many of those we deal with in this art life.


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