Friday, October 30, 2009

The "off" season....

When one's life choices come to rest, making art one's sole source of income for 25+ years is a risky business, and a rewarding one. For the last 6 years I have enjoyed primarily representing myself, an independent artist past mid career, selling my own work through a juried group, S.F.Society of Artists, who show weekends through the "season" in downtown Santa Fe. My partnership in a cooperative gallery, Artistas de Santa Fe, also a beneficial experience, ended at the beginning of 2009.
These new venues for a former "gallery artist" have been a wonderful experience. I have met interested potential customers (they don't stop before my work unless interested) and learned to talk about and sell my own work, as well as others. I have gotten to know diverse artists with divergent goals at various levels in their careers. I have learned to accept my outcome, either positive or negative- setting up at 6am on Saturday and sitting for two days, often with unknown results, breaking down on Sunday at 5:30. I have collected many addresses, snail and e-mail, handed out many postcards and business cards, and grown enormously in the area of "marketing." I have contributed to my organizations with work, worry and wisdom (I am old, after all!)

Today I was rewarded with a visual record of that effort and growth, and a documentation of where it has all landed - weekends now spent talking to interested persons about painting and sculpture, interacting with my colleagues, young and old, and working on clays and waxes, a perfect and absorbing activity for those weekends. A fellow artist, Doug Earp, a wonderful traditional black and white photographer who works in the darkroom to produce his images, took pictures during the almost last show of the season. I wanted to share them with you and also his work. I googled him to find his website, and discovered he is listed on LinkedIn, but has no web address, so I can't share his work (sorry). Get busy, Doug, it's winter, and we all have work to do!


  1. Love this piece you are working on in your studio. It must be getting cold in Santa Fe, and the art season coming to a stand still.

    I start taking my work to Phoenix this time of year to catch all the snow birds.

  2. sounds like you work very hard at art and marketing your work - maybe I will meet you this summer - I will be coming to Santa Fe for the first time - I'm looking forward to my visit -


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