Thursday, August 6, 2009

August Revelations!

Inevitably, the summer seems to start at a reasonable pace, like the first blossoms of the squash plants in your garden which bear no fruit. Then suddenly, in August, the rains come, the beat quickens and it's almost overload time! This summer is no exception, a cool June of long overdue cleaning of the studio, a random July spent making and dressing waxes to be ready for casting, and now in August a return to the process of painting that I enjoy so much.

Above is the second version of "Shift", a 36 x 36" painting that lived in Chicago for a season and then returned to momma. Two years is enough space, and growth as a painter, to see the problems of an earlier painting, and have no fear in attacking it again - in fact, an opportunity ripe with promise, just like that squash recipe! I've decided it "tastes" really good and may revise some other "old recipes" as I see the need. What do you think? The "old"version of this painting is below. If this blog is to be about my process, I have to reveal the whole thing!

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