Sunday, July 5, 2009

Two NEW sculptures

The latest additions to my sculpture series Life Drawing/Contemporary Classics are finally finished and up on my website. See Cher II and Syri - both larger in scale than the first four (the exception, Cher I) The process still intrigues, but with my mold-maker/chaser/patina guy already working full time and buying a house and all those other life things people do it seems to take a long time! I do love the clay and wax modelling and have found I can work on both while showing my paintings and sculptures at the SantaFe Society of Artists' shows on the weekends. Everything goes with me in a cooler(though we've had an unusually cool June) and time in the booth passes quickly. Having examples as well as finished sculptures right there generates opportunities for discussion with those who venture into my "gallery".
The Salon Mar Graff show "June Open Call Exhibition" into which I felt honored to be accepted with three paintingshad two openings, June 25, 26, which I enjoyed attending. John Mar Graff's food is always the best, the show was beautifully presented, with very diverse and beautiful work, and there was a good crowd. Thanks for continuing your fine effort,John.
Last of all, in JuneI began cleaning the WHOLE studio in which the sculpture and monotype work take place along with painting storage and shipping materials- first real effort in over 15 years! Previously studio transformations took place in sections when I was either taking on a "new" interest or discarding an old one and needed the room...

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