Sunday, May 3, 2009

Making Monotypes -Color Experimentation

Having had a Belgium-made etching press since moving here in the early 80's, my monotype experience is vast, and I should say, unschooled. Could be a good thing, maybe not. I do print runs about 2-3 times a year for a couple of weeks, avoiding winter, when it costs $$$ to heat the studio and the etching ink is really stiff. This year's first run coincided with the previously mentioned "vacation" from shows and the usual, and I decided, out of economic necessity, to make small prints to sell at shows (my low-end originals)and make it an opportunity for real experimentation! After a week of low enthusiasm, stale ideas, and little success, I finally am starting to get somewhere. Pictured is the last one I did - I am really happy with it! Hope to continue successfully in this way moving to larger prints next(the print pictured is 6"x6"). I'll post as I go, until my happy vacation screeches to a halt in two weeks. By then, the waxes will have become bronzes, and life will resume in a slightly different direction. And on a really positive note (**) my artist husband's one good eye is recovering from retinal surgery, has been pronounced fantastic! by his very circumspect doctor - it appears his sight will be better than before when all is done - we are both (he
especially) very grateful!

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