Monday, April 20, 2009

Off the ArtTrack

It is said life is what happens while you're making other plans. With eight new waxes ready for the foundry and the outdoor art show season and publicity for that underway, spring revving up with new energy, and my monotype ink table freed from waxes for its original purpose, life has changed my mind and course for now. The foundry guy became ill and left town without picking up the waxes, my artist husband (already blind in one eye)had emergency surgery for a torn retina and is temporarily blind (now both) and has to keep his head down for two weeks solid, and I've had to cancel the first two shows I planned to do. What to do? anything I can, here at home. That means actually readying the garden for planting, finishing the back garden cleanup (new growth is already 6 inches up through the winter's dead stuff and debris) after all, and doing some monotypes! I'm so charged!
Didn't know this is what I had in mind, but it sure sounds good!

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