Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Exceptionally well-done Molds

Exceptionally well-made molds make beautiful waxes - the rubber molds are uniform and not too thick, the plasters have enough keys and bubbles to fit together precisely and the result (if the wax application is done well) is waxes that require only a little dressing because their seams match perfectly! I'm still learning the dressing process and gradually improving, but kudos to my mold-maker, Brian Honeycutt, Santa Fe - I would never attempt that step of creating a bronze!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Accessing Progress- Any, Little, No, Some?

To think I thought this blogging would actually be easy! and I'd always have something to say and time to say it. It's almost April, and I last posted in early February - what have I been doing all that time? Though it feels like nothing, when I run down the list it's not - two medium-size paintings, 3-4 waxes for the next run, finishing taxes, spring-cleaning of our section of the acequia, a trip to Seattle (with two days of good weather,Pike Market, wonderful museums, grandboys, and a ride on the tour "duck"!), a Southwest airlines virus upon returning, my artist-husband suffering temporary blindness last week, it's a pretty full list! But like all of us after an interruption in our normal workflow, I'm having trouble getting back to work! where to start? In my case, it is the flow that keeps the flow going, so I try to imagine suggestions another artist might have for sparking the flow when halted - looking at old Art in America's, revisiting my sketchbook, making a list of titles, trying to remember all those ideas I had and didn't write down?.. will let you know when it happens. Meanwhile, think I'll photograph the last two pieces, Summer Dreaming and End of Winter, so you can see them....that way, I won't have to get down to work yet!

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