Sunday, February 15, 2009

Complexity confusion !.?*x?/&!

Yesterday as I finished the seemingly endless process of preparing images of sculptures, putting them on my website and uploading it to the Internet and fixing the glitches and e-mailing a first link to my friends, I reflected on the good ol' days when galleries marketed their artists and at most the artist (besides delivering the framed named work) might share the expense of, say, the mailing for a show and you would sent postcards to your friends and, when you next saw them, show them pictures.
How things have changed! Even the artists who are fully supported by their galleries are much more involved with their own marketing now and that world is much bigger and more complex with computers and the Internet. It is a struggle to balance the time, the photographing and preparing and uploading, not to mention completing the actual work, thinking about the endless next steps and planning new work and then adding in blogging and facebook , and now tweeter- the more I simplify my outside obligations, the more "other stuff" flies in to fill the small gaps! How do the rest of you do it all?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Visiting the Present Reality of a Past Event

Longevity as an artist usually means you've done many different kinds of art-related things in the past and changed genres a few times. Sometimes one of those things pays a return visit! In 2001 I participated in the Trail of Painted Ponies in Santa Fe and created Rosie the Apparoosa for the project, which led to a commission, and eventually a "collectible" replica. Last week I drove to Phoenix to sign a second collectible, "Night Pony" for a lovely signage sum. Sometimes one gets lucky! Signing MHornbuckle 325 times was a breeze(ponies, certificates and books), and Rod Barker, and Karlynn Keyes (Pres. & V-Pres) and their whole staff were just great. What a treat to have such a good time in addition to getting paid!! If any of you out there have a horse-crazy friend, aunt, cousin or someone in your family who "collects" things, check out out their great website. My second collectible is pictured in the Valentine's cycle on the home page (nice!), but more than that, this very creative small business deserves support! You could pass along the link too!

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