Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yearly Series about the Seasons in New Mexico

Revisiting a yearly series
Recently I have done painting series each year attempting to describe the changing of the seasons here in New Mexico - I especially enjoy those changes, having come here from the two-season Gulf Coast of Texas. Since I am trying to integrate meditation into my daily life(not just talk about it), I decided to make them as meditative as I could. (See Paintings 2007 on my website for the non-meditative explorations of the seasons!) I display the first three of the four paintings - the fourth is just begun and I can only guess what it will be- what do you think it will look like? I'll display it when it's done! Next week I'm going to Shidoni on Saturday to watch the pour of my first four bronze sculptures (12" nudes, three female, one male- watch for more on that later....)

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